Czech Paradise by Honda Shadow #video

Have you visited Adrspach and feel unsatisfied? Have you been enchanted by the rocky cities, which resemble Tolkien’s Moria? Czech Paradise is one of the most magical regions in our southern neighbor.

Czech Paradise – the land of Rumcajs, Skoda and volcanoes!

Czech writers and local patriots supposedly gave it the name – Czech Paradise. This is where the legendary Rumcajs lived and this is where Skoda cars are produced. Some of you will probably say that it is far from paradise, but for some, beautiful castles, cities and surprising nature may be heaven. Have you ever wondered why some hills resemble volcanic cones and why dolomite columns emerge in the woods? You may not see it now, but there used to be a Czech sea here, the bottom of which was ploughed with ravines, and today it creates this incredible landscape. Don’t you believe it? Check it out for yourselves!

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