Saxony – visit to Stolpen Castle #video

Saxony is an interesting region just beyond our western border. You can get there quickly and easily. Although the routes don’t seem to be very interesting at first, after 90 kilometres of driving on German soil, you will find the interesting town of Stolpen. Check out visit to Stolpen Castle by Freebird Rider.

Visit to Stolpen Castle – the beautiful Countess Costel

Stolpen is a small town in German Saxony. There is a medieval castle there, which became famous thanks to the history of Countess Costel. Countess Costel was initially the favourite and lover of August II the Strong, later imprisoned by him in the castle for 49 years. She never left Stolpen Castle. Stolpen Castle is a must-see for every fan of visiting the castles. Below is a short movie of the trip to this place.

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